8- 10 1/2 yrs

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Working Towards





Normal meeting at HQ

Teamwork challenge part 5

Sun 17th

Working party at the HQ to try and finish painting the side wall and sort out the compost area



Normal meeting at HQ

Our World pt 7

Sat 23rd - Sun 24th

Autumn Camp - Details sent out in an email

Outdoor Challenge


Normal Meeting at HQ






Normal Meeting at HQ
Investiture of new Cubs at 8.20pm

Skills pt 2b
Team Leader pt 1
for Sixers & p & c for all sixers


Normal Meeting at HQ

Skills pt 2a


Normal meeting at HQ

World Challenge pt 8





Normal Meeting at HQ but those that wish to, they can dress up in their Hallow’een outfits. No prizes – just a bit of fun

Our World pt 8





Normal Meeting at HQ

Skills pt 1 (all)
World Challenge pt 1

Sunday 12th

REMEMBRANCE DAY service at St John’s Church, Shirley Church Road.  This is our last Church parade this year and we would like all Cubs to attend. Arrival time is 10.15 for 10.30 start.  11.30 pick up at church.  Uniform should be worn. Please spare a few coins for the cubs to put in the collection bag



Normal Meeting at HQ

Skills pt 2c


Night Hike in Shirley Hills with wide game.  Details will follow but we will be meeting in the car park of Shirley Hills by the Chinese Restaurant.  We would like parents’ help on that evening please. 

Parent support
Adventure Challenge pt 3


Normal Meeting at HQ

Teamwork Challenge pt 1





Normal Meeting at HQ

Teamwork Challenge
pts 2 & 4
Teamwork pt 3


Normal Meeting at HQ. (it will be a party atmosphere with games & party food)





Future Dates For Your Diary

9th Jan 2018

Back to Cubs for Spring Term (Half term 13th Feb)


27th Mar 2018

Term ends


17th April 2018

Summer Term Starts


Cubs Programme Autumn 2017
Normal Meeting Time Tuesday 7.00-8.30 pm

The pack programme is designed each term to cover every aspect of the 7 challenge badges and activity badges  set out by the Scout Association which, if completed, will entitle your son/daughter to be awarded the Chief Scout's Silver Award. Like all badges and awards in scouting, they have to be earned and no cub is automatically "entitled" to them. Attending pack meetings regularly, coming to camp and completing tasks will give all cubs the greatest opportunity to gain the Chief Scout's Silver Award before they go up to Scouts. 

If you think your son/daughter may be missing out as a result of being absent from meetings or any other activity, it is your responsibility to speak to a leader about this. We will all be more than happy to help cubs catch up. We would love to help every boy/girl to get the most out of their time in our pack...and with your support, every cub should be able to move up to the scout troop with the Silver Award


Beavers - For 6-8 year Olds

Cubs - For 8 - 10 1/2 year olds

Scouts - For 10 - 14 year olds

Registered Charity No. 1008027

29th Croydon Scout Group

The Shirley Poppy - Our Adopted Emblem